Saturday, October 16, 2010


Q; How many things can go wrong on a shoot?

A: Start off the day with cramming 6 people in my car from Penn station to Coney Island. once we arrive at Coney, Sand/wind storm and no CF cards, so I look up the closest place for one...Walgreens.. after rushing to get the card, get to my car, !POP! a parking ticket same price as the CF card. alright, we got the cards and we found a location that was blocked by a wall. my alien bee was already messed up from blowing over (need assistants) because of that, the wiring was already messed up...well it decides to come apart and not work today. that puts me out of softbox and beauty dish use. had some bunjee cords so the ghetto rig came out to the profoto. with my head stopping it from blowing over (NEED ASSISTANTS) a friendly gust of wind comes by and snaps the light stand in half, dish down, profoto bulb goes broke, luckily it was just the frosted dome. so we continue asking randoms on the boardwalk to hold the beauty dish to the light head, hoping they don't hand me an assistant invoice....all in all good day, except for the only thing i had in my stomach was a beer. ended up with these selects that I feel were worth it.

and then there was this ass......

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  1. Awesome photos man! I can't help you with the assistant part. But I can offer a very cheap way to make some sandbags to hold your lights down.